Tri-State Connection

The largest Hand Dance event in the US! Held in Baltimore, MD in 2005 and Tyson's Corner, Virginia in 2006 and 2007 and 2009.   This is a must-have video if you are a Hand Dancer. Divisions included two different Youth divisions, Group Line-Dance, Solo divisions, Ladies and Gents (Jack & Jill) division, Performing Arts,Showcase, Invitational Slow Dance, and Bridging the Gap (couples separated by 10 or more years)     Some of the divisions we so good a rousing standing applause was like thunder! !  Hats off to a Lawrence Bradford for being a well-organized and on-time event director.

2009 $80 for the entire 2-Day event on 2 DVDs. Taped in the widescreen format with great audio for your enjoyment.

2007 2-Day, 2-DVD Competition Set: $70.

2006 2-Day, 2-DVD Competition Set: $65.

2005 2-day, 2-DVD Competition Set,$50 (special price)

DVDs are usually in stock and will be shipped in less than 24 hours.

The DVDs will have chapter marks so you can skip right to the division you want. Each years set is taped with a high-quality Sony broadcast camera with digital sound and a direct feed from the DJ. You will not believe how good the video looks and sounds on your TV!!

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